• Website by Steffen Neubauer & Michael Auer
  • OSM-Data processing for WMS by Marcus Götz & Johannes Lauer
  • Statistics by Johannes Lauer
  • Place Search (Geocoder) powered by Nominatim. Thanks for the Classes go to OSMatrix Web Developer Oliver Roick
  • Cartography styling by Michael Auer
  • WMS maintenance by Michael Auer
  • MapProxy maintenance by Michael Auer
  • Hillshade processing by Michael Auer & Magnus Fees

  • Geodata update: weekly
  • Technology
  • Map Client: OpenLayers
  • WebMapService (WMS): GeoServer
  • WMS Cache (OSM & Hillshade): MapProxy
  • DataBase: PostgreSQL

  • Example Requests: Please contact us, if you will use the map in a application.
  • Cached OSM-WMS via MapProxy:
  • URL: (can be used with all WMS Clients (e.g. Quantum GIS). The cached tiles will be merged, rescaled and projected according to the WMS Request)
    Demo: GetCapabilities / GetMap
  • Cached HillShade WMS of Europe via MapProxy:
  • URL: (can be used with all WMS Clients (e.g. Quantum GIS). The cached tiles will be merged, rescaled and projected according to the WMS Request)
    Demo: GetCapabilities / GetMap
    2012-08-05 : replaced GeoWebCache with MapProxy as tile cache backend
    2012-01-31 : OSM-WMS Geodata Processing presented at GeoProcessing 2012 in Valencia, Spain
    Goetz, M., Lauer, J., Auer, A. (2012):
    An Algorithm Based Methodology for the Creation of a Regularly Updated Global Online Map
    derived from Volunteered Geographic Information ,
    The Fourth International Conference on Advanced Geographic Information Systems, Applications and Services.
    GEOProcessing 2012. Valencia, Spain.

    2011-10-25 : new Place Search function added. Powered by Nominatim
    2011-05-28 : some area features added
    2011-01-11 : geodata update and covering of the whole world
    2010-04-01 : service moved to GIScience, Dept. of Geography, University of Heidelberg
    2009-10-28 : New SetMarker Function with possibility to send a personalized map with marker via Permalink to a friend
    New Overlay: Barrierfree facilities (OSM-Tags: wheelchair=yes; blind=yes; capacity:disabled=yes|number;)
        Only visible when zoomed in between zoomlevel 15 to 18
    2009-10-02 : performance tuning
    2009-08-03 : cartography styling update
    2009-07-15 : OSM-data processing - relation handling debugged
    2009-07-08 : Hillshade presented at AGIT Postersession:
    Auer, M., Fees, M., Neubauer, S., Over, M. (2009):
    A Workflow for Processing a Hillshade WMS-Layer
    for entire Europe based on SRTM - the case of
    AGIT 2009. Symposium für Angewandte Informatik. Salzburg. Austria.
    2009-07-06 : OSM-data processing - relation handling (beta)
    2009-06-23 : News @
    2009-06-18 : News @
    2009-06-10 : website update
    2009-06-10 : measurement & permalink debugged (thanks to community)
    2009-06-08 : News @ Research Group Cartography
    2009-06-05 : hillshade for europe is online
    2009-06-03 : hillshade for germany is online (more comming soon)
    2009-05-27 : new geometry features
    2009-03-24 : OSM coastline integrated
    2009-02-13 : is online
    Applications which use the map
  • Geodata: OpenStreetMap (OSM)
    License: Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

  • Geodata: Original data for hillshade: CIAT-CSI SRTM
    Terms of use from CIAT: Users are prohibited from any commercial, non-free resale,
    or redistribution without explicit written permission from CIAT.
    Original data by Jarvis A., H.I. Reuter, A. Nelson, E. Guevara, 2008, Hole-filled seamless
    SRTM data V4, International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT),
    available from

  • Geodata: Hillshade layer by GIScience, Dept. of Geography, University of Heidelberg
    Terms of use: Users are free to use the hillshade layer for non commercial purposes.
    Please refer to our project site
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    Chair of Geoinformatics/GIScience
    Department of Geography
    University of Heidelberg, Germany

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